35 - Bi

Stockholm, Sweden

May 22, 2022 06:09

I'm 5'4(so very short), honest, kind, caring, and open-minded.
I love Poetry, Art, Films, Tattoos, mostly Alternative/Indie music, Photography, Taking photos, Writing, cycling, Daydreaming etc..

I'm not actually from Sweden, I live in the south of England! I'm just changing my destination around for a while as I'm not having any luck finding any men I like from my own country plus other countries or none in my area/town/county etc... and not finding nice/honest/smart Men and some women either
Plus I love certain accents from certain places and generally think people are more interesting from elsewhere or a different culture/up bringing etc...

Accents I particularly like are American, Irish, Scottish, slightly posh southern British, Italian and Spanish.

I prefer being awake at night, so I'm a night owl at heart.
I've been through a lot so i've had to grow up fast.
I like to start out just chatting and getting to know someone, then see how it goes over time for potential friends ONLY as I'm not looking for anything else. If your just after s*x then don't message me at ALL!!
Looking for someone who actually understands/accepts me for once, I've never found anyone like this so would hopefully like to find someone that does here but no expectations.
There are too many nasty people in this world, it needs to change.
So only decent people contact me please(though it would be nice if you have a really dark side to you as well, as I do too), intelligence would help too.
I don't mind talking to people from other countries, as i love knowing how other people live(But I won't take any crap from people only looking for money/marriage etc...
I never seem to have any luck on these kinds of sites, can be really depressing(So many people here are the same, too many sheep).
I'm not a conformist in any way whatsoever. I'm a rebel/misfit/loner/dark minded/weird/nature lover/Animal lover etc.... you get the picture anyway
I'm only looking for serious friendships so please don't waste my time if your not looking for the same!
Anyway I wont bore you with the rest of my life's story, here are some of my many interests and dislikes.

Fav films: Labyrinth, Legend, Drop Dead Fred, Resident Evil, Blue Velvet, The Crow, Queen of The Damned, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Disney, Animation, Anime, Spirited Away, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek 1,2,3,4, Ice Age 1 2 and 3, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, Adam Sandler films, The Loved Ones, E.T, Comedy, some Rom-coms, Thriller, Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy etc..

Fav programmes: The Simpsons, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Being Human, Lip Service, Red Dwarf, The Fast Show, Harry Enfield and Chums, Bizarre ER, Documentaries, Nature and animal programmes, Bear Grylls, Lee Evans stand up, and loads more.

Hobbies: Drawing, Poetry, Photography, Watching films(mainly horror and weird, powerfully emotional ones atm), Going on the internet, playing games, Playing my guitar(need more lessons though,bit rusty now), Writing random lists, Now and again go out to cinema, shopping(don't often do this though as i don't like it too much), Eating a lot of snacks, Bowling, Pool, etc..

Things I love: Vintage clothes and objects(mostly 20's, 40's, 50's and 80's), most forms of art(the good stuff though, a lot of things i wouldn't call art just stupid), Nature, Animals, most things gothic, Horror, fantasy and comedy films, Chocolate(mainly white), Cheese(not mature though), Games(board and video), Dying my hair different colours, Tattoos, Leather(mostly jackets), Arts and crafts, Home-made things, Home-made cooking, Quirky unusual people, Randomness, The Countryside, Beauty in art/nature and people, Honesty, People with crazy/great ideas, Long dark hair, Dreamers, Artistic people, The Rain, The smell of wood burning, BBQ's, People who don't just care about themselves, Troubled souls like me, Bubble baths, Darkness, Dark meaningful poems, Mother of pearl, Opal jewellery, Gothic jewellery, Pear juice, Banoffee pie, Banana milkshake, Black forest gateau, Receiving cards written with a little poem, Red roses, Dark nail-varnish, Old buildings, Old B/W photos, Old objects, Graffiti(the good kind though), Books(horror, life, poems, biographies, quotes etc), Flowers, Deformed trees and other natural things in the world, Lazy days, Warm hugs, Camping(not been for a while, but would like to), Going on holiday(dream is to go to venice one day), Swedish pear and apple cider, Easy going people, and loads more lol.

Dislikes: People obsessed with the Gym/looking good/Getting Drunk/Partying/s*x/Drugs/Celebrities/Gossip/The latest Gadgets or Technology/Alcohol etc.., War, Clubbing, most creepy crawlies, Barbie personalities, Liars, Players, Rude people, Crowded rooms, Loud thumping music, Marmite, Lamb(to eat i mean), Cruelty to animals or people, Car pollution, Money, Football, Drugs, Cigarettes, Vain people, Bad vibed people, Magazines like ok/hello/heat/closer etc, Most Reality/Celebrity T.v, People who moan a lot, Uptight people, Rubbish, Rude shopkeepers/People, Filling out things like these lol, etc...

Sorry about the very long list but you need to know what I'm passionate about and what bugs me, so i guess if you haven't read this far your'e probably not worth my time.



Age: 21 / bi



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Age: 23 / straight