37 - Straight

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Jun 7, 2019 12:33

Can you talk to animals? If so, you've found the right guy.

I'm partially deaf coz I turn up the music, and I turn up the music coz I'm partially deaf.

I play guitar, badly, since I broke my hand. I don't drink much anymore, but I can still go on benders if the occasion calls for it.

Love live music, I live for that s**t.

Well educated but you wouldn't know it just by lookin at me, coz ya know, everybody judges a book by its cover, thats the whole f**king point of having a cover really though innit?

I just wanna find someone that doesn't make up f**king imaginary drama when they're bored. Also MUST be able to shave a mohawk straight and love the s**t out of horror movies. And yeah f**k it, surprise me with the rest hah.

Ok seriously enough with the half conversations, at least pretend to be f**king polite and say "hey i gotta go" or something please. I'm really sick of trying to be friendly and being ignored. We're all here to make likeminded friends, so ignoring someone just coz they look like you wouldn't f**k them is really really stupid. Think about that next time you take a holiday somewhere that someone has tried to make friends with you, you could have had a free place to stay but noooo you chose to be a f**king asshole.