28 - Straight

No, Brazil

Jan 17, 2016 03:19

-Not looking for online relationships-

I'm open minded and willing to talk about anything (that isn't overly personal until after we get to know each other). I tend to have a bit of a ''nerdy'' style: I love to play video game, chess, listen to music (from classic and opera to heavy metal), chat about modern physics, psychology, and religion and philosophy. I'm also crazy and random at times. As for appearance I'm tall and thin. I don't participate in many sports; however, I do like to run and swim. Both my hair and eyes are black.

Some other crucial details: I don't use drugs or drink, I hate facebook/twitter (of course I wouldn't bitch because you, the reader, and I sadly need to use it to keep in touch with long-distance friends and family). I don't have tattoos. I'm atheist/agnostic BUT very open minded and I respect most, if not all, religions. I'm a very logic driven person, and yet so very abstract.

My (anti-fakes) skype is randomguy0981237 (then I'll add you to the day-to-day account). I WILL request your user name here/another place you've met me, check your name, pictures and description in the internet. I'm very sorry, but this is the society we live now days and I have to be as safe as I can be. Also don't expect me to trust you in a day or without you having a video-chat with me, since I think it's the best way to prove someone is really who he/she claims to be.