26 - Bi

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Jun 22, 2014 06:05

So my name is Phoenix. I guess this part I talk about myself? Ugh okai.
Well... I have a pet raven I call Nevermore, a chameleon named Sir Willoughby and a black kitten called Dragon.
I love poetry,art and music. I write my own poetry and paint.I play several instruments and I'm Wiccan.
I listen to a wide range of music including opera,screamo, classical, gothic, lots of metal,emo and punk.
I also love tattoos. I do tattoos and have a few myself and will be getting more. I work in a music store, coffeehouse and a tattoo/piercing parlor. I also longboard, love moshing at concerts and I adore Edgar Allan Poe.

I dont like dishonesty, close-mindedness, and Im not up for simple messing around and to be hit on, so just telling you now, if that's what you're after, don't bother. I'm pretty open once I get a feel for you and am comfortable. I don't get offended easily but I certainly don't put up with bulls**t. I stand up for what I feel is right and it doesn't matter to me if we have different views. I have mine, you have yours.

Really wanna get to know me, message me. I'm just here to meet new people.
Okai well talking about myself feels weird so message me,
ask me anything.