23 / Female / Bi
Illinois, United States
Last Online: Apr 22, 2012
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About me

Heyy guys my names Rachel Slaughter aka Racheal Zombie Massacre. I was born on June 21st of 1993. Right now I'm single and looking. I'm bisexual but I prefer guys more than girls.

I play lots of sports like volleyball, football, soccor, softball, cheerleading, track, wrestling and basketball too.

I love music. It saved my life. I write, compose and play it. I listen to screamo, techno, alternative, indie, rock, classic rock, metal, deathcore, classic country like Johnny Cash, pop, rap and r&b. I play piano, guitar, bass, drums, and I scream and sing.

I love my friends and family and my pets. I have a snake, 6 bunnies, 4 horses, a potbelly pig, a cockatoo, 2 rats, a taranchula, 4 llamas, 3 donkeys, 8 fish, 2 cats and a dog. I just got a new pet and it's a peacock. As you can tell I love animals haha.

My natural eye color in brown but I wear contacts that make my eyes blue haha. My natural hair color is brown.

I love my hair it's my best friend. I love styling and coloring it too.

Ummm I don't know whatelse to say but if you wanna know anything else just ask I won't bite.... Hard haha .