30 / Female / Straight
California, United States
Last Online: Apr 14, 2014

About me

No lengthy novel, just going to throw out randomness off the top of my head
I love music(my favs would be of a heavier variety) and going to shows. I don’t like everything, but my taste is diverse. I’m always open to hearing something new.

Tim burton. Classics ;}

An artist at heart, my passion is makeup artistry. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work and I LOVE my job and the awesome company I work for.

My family means the absolute world to me especially my grandparents.


One of my fav things is going to concerts, If I have the time off and pit is available..I'm there.

Mexican Puerto Rican Spanish

I enjoy being tall and I like tall guys

Easily amused /awkward

LOVE animals

Extremely f**king thankful to have such amazing, happy & healthy family and friends as well
as finding my calling and doing what makes me so happy.

So what was the last show you went to?